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I’m a 43 year old father of 2 boys in a happy 12 year relationship. I've managed and coached hundreds of people for over 20 years. I want to share my knowledge and interests with you and help who ever needs helping :) I truly believe that we control our future through our thoughts and that everything we can dream of is possible.

I sometimes worry about our future and the future of my family. I see all the changes in the world and want to make sure I can protect my own should any type of disaster happen in my area.

Have a great life and make the best of it,you only get one try.

Conceive-Believe-Achieve(Napoleon Hill)

Basic Survival And Your Water Needs
Most of us know the importance of having an adequate water supply in our lives. How many of us actually take into consideration the amount of water we need to take care of ourselves and consume on a daily basis? In todays world we are so accustomed to having an…
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What Are Survival Skills And Do I Have Any?
In the world we live in now, people are so dependent on the system and technology that should a crisis occur the vast majority of folks would be in great trouble. Survival skills are nothing new and are basically the same techniques we as humans have used for thousands of…
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How to Fix A Broken Marriage Or Relationship By Listening
Are you a good listener? The Marriam-Webster dictionary defines LISTENING as: "To hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration" Yes thoughtful attention, this means you should really make an effort to understand what your partner is saying. Now there is a difference between listening and hearing (having the capacity…
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How to Fix A Broken Marriage Or Relationship
You might be asking yourself "how to fix a broken marriage" or relationship and the truth is, well... there is no quick or easy 1-2-3 step program to answer your question nor solve this situation. I can give you my best advice from the heart and knowledge gathered during my…
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