Edward Swift (Street Articles Author)

My name is Edward and I am an IT professional. I have been working in the IT (Information Technology) field since 1996. My primary area of expertise is in the computer repair industry with focus on restoring computer systems to factory or better than factory condition. I often accomplish this by reinstalling the operating system, the most common programs needed by the end-user, such as Microsoft Office, CD Burning Tools, Browsers and Browser Add-Ons with the most Important of these being Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Firewall, Backup Solutions, Windows Updates as well as additional privacy tools.

My years of experience have taught me that a great deal of computer problems can easily be avoided or greatly minimized by taking the proper preventative measures, but a lot of computer users have no idea which computer security tools they actually need to use. If they have a general idea they don't know which products offer the best protection for their computers.

I created this site to sort through the seemingly endless protection solutions offered, narrow them down to the ones that you absolutely need and can't live with out. I will also recommend additional security and privacy tools to give your computer that extra layer of protection and help give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe using your computer on and offline

Best Computer Security Tools
Everyone has a difference of opinion as to what are the best computer security tools to keep your computer safe. So let’s talk about what makes a computer security tool the best. In most cases you will discover that although there is a significant amount of factual evidence provided by…
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