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So you have been reading the articles from this website and have probably gained some insightful knowledge regarding health or the state of emotional and mental well-being. However, did you ever stop to wonder what does then man responsible for this whole website does?

Meet the brains behind (liveupmagazine.com) Elson Wong! From a very young age, Elson already knew that he had big dreams and wanted to do something unique with his life. Like all Singaporeans, Elson started his young life studying. After completing his “O” Levels, young Elson was faced with a dilemma which happens to many young Singaporeans. What job should I look for after National Service?

Elson served as a Section commander of the Special Rescue Battalion and gained many different skills during his 2 and a half years. Some of these courses include the Emergency Rescue Specialist course, Bronze medallion course and Pool Lifeguard course. Elson realised that his passion for saving lives and interacting with people grew while he was serving his National Service.

During his days with Nanyang Polytechnic, Elson was attached to Shinei International as a Project Management assistant. His responsibilities at that time were to prepare and create visuals using PowerPoint for presentations, brainstorming continuous improvement of the cost and quality of products. To analysis and troubleshoot during integration and problem solving in order to minimize the space use, speed up the production and higher quality of products. Elson graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2005 with a Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering.

After graduation, Elson joined the Sentosa Beach Patrol as a Beach Patrol Officer on a part time basis as he tried to figure out what to do with his life. At Beach Patrol, Elson got to meet a lot of different people and also experience many different and interesting situations while looking after the guests at the beach. He was involved in a couple of search and rescue operations and even attended and performed CPR on a guest after drowning in the water at Siloso Beach.

Elson’s first full time job was as a Property Agent with Orange Tree. His passion to interact with people and building up contacts inspired him to do well in the property industry. However, the industry was a competitive one and Elson felt the pressure of fierce competition from more experienced agents and also the highs and lows of the property industry. After that, Elson went into the insurance line as an agent and again it was his passion for interacting with people and getting to know more contacts that made him feel like he was being challenged again in life. But he wanted something more than this in a job.

In 2010, Elson returned to Sentosa and joined the Beach Patrol once again but this time as a full time Beach Patrol Officer. His responsibilities were heavier but his sense of achievement after serving a guest well or performing a rescue was a feeling that one couldn’t describe. This feeling transformed into the desire to give back more to the people around him. As he pondered over how he would be able to do this, it came to him while surfing the internet for more information. To create his own website.

His main purpose of setting up this website…… is to share. To share the knowledge that he has acquired thus far with everyone around him. Having done sales jobs, to customer service line, to life saver and even insurance, Elson just wanted to do something which suited him more and made him happy. He has found joy in writing and sharing his knowledge with everyone and hopefully this knowledge will benefit those who read it.


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