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Why My Site is Not Well Ranked
I decided a while ago to start my online business but how to do that? I'm looking all over internet, reading reviews about home based businesses and finally i stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. Looks good, free to join...ok let me try it. So here I go sign in and start…
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True Story
It's raining. A sad, cold autumn rain and mild winds blowing the wet leafs around. I'm walking down the street, watching people fighting umbrellas and umbrellas fighting the wind. Everybody looks depressed and I'm thinking why? Even rain has its beauty but nevertheless, tomorrow will be sunny again. I'm trying…
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The Love for Our Men
Few days ago I was reading a magazine and I stumbled upon a quote which cracked me up: “behind any successful man there is a surprised woman”! Why is that you will ask so let’s see, are men that bad? No, in fact they are very simple creatures and don’t…
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