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Publibooking - A New Booking / Information Service Online And at All Major International Airports In Portugal
Publibooking. The concept of Publibooking was born after a trip to the USA. The airport of Boston offered a brilliant service, but with extremely primitive methods. Since our creator is a bit of a Technology junkie, he directly imagined a similar service, but through different media channels. The Publibooking project…
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Experience the Unique And Tasteful LX Boutique Hotel In Lisbon Through Publibooking!
Welcome to Lisbon and to the unique LX Boutique Hotel. Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. A charming, relatively small city, built on seven hills just like Rome. It is a city of culture and history, where you can walk for days simply to appreciate the views, the fantastic old churches and…
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Discover the Azores Through Publibooking
Experience the Azores! Have you ever even heard about the Azores. - Don't be upset if you haven't, you are not the only one. Even National Geographic excluded the islands on one of their latest world maps...! The Azores is the unknown archipelago, situated in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, between Portugal…
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