Emily Retherford (Street Articles Author)

I'm someone who thinks outside the box when it comes to business. That's what originally drew me to freelance writing. It was different. I didn't know anyone else who worked online, and it let me work from home.

The more I learned about online writing and marketing the more I loved it, but I wasn't cut out to be one of those affiliate marketers that crank out landing page after landing page. Instead, I decided to combine freelance writing with internet marketing techniques to build a successful business.

Quickest Way to Lose Belly Fat
Belly fat plagues billions of people, and not just overweight people either. It’s easy to gain and hard to lose, making it almost imperative that you find the quickest way to lose belly fat. The quickest way to lose belly fat and help you become healthy, requires a combination of…
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Marketing on Facebook - Using Facebook to Brand Your Business
With over a billion users worldwide, Facebook has grown into one of the most popular socail networking websites out there. To the normal Facebook user, this means connecting with old friends, sharing pictures with family members who live far away and playing various games that have become popular on the…
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Pinterest - How Can the Newest Internet Craze Help You Market Your Business?
The Internet has evolved to become a vast place for people to socialize. What started with chat rooms went to onto MySpace. Then people became addicted to Facebook. While users moved to Facebook for more social interaction, MySpace stayed strong because it had on thing Facebook didn’t. It allowed users…
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