Emma E Knapp (Street Articles Author)

I am passionate about connecting with others online, via written articles and blogs, audio and face to face through the medium of teaching and sharing my knowledge and genuine interest in others.

Having an Honors Degree in Psychology has helped me hone my skills of understanding people and finding effective ways to help them grow and evolve into the best version of themselves - and isn't that what life is all about?!

- I write ebooks (fiction and non-fiction) - I am an online tutor of courses on Udemy.com and Skillfeed.com - Founder of The Listening Centre (one-on-one listening service where you chat and we listen.) - Founder of Life Stories (celebrate your or a loved one's life through video or personalized photo book)

My Fiverr Review
Rating: 8.5/10 Status: Legitimate method of making money Who should use it: Anyone who is starting out and wants to create an online business or make more money online. No age barriers. No previous experience necessary. Cost: FREE Let’s get started… So you’ve heard about Fiverr, and now you may…
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Emotional Freedom Technique Benefits
You’ve heard about the Emotional Freedom Technique and now you’re wondering ‘What’s the big deal?’ ‘Why should I start using Emotional Freedom Technique in my life?’ Basically, what you’re asking is what are the Emotional Freedom Technique benefits. There are many benefits to using Emotional Freedom Technique in your life.…
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