Eric Tannehill (Street Articles Author)

I am a father, Husband and a very big hockey fan. Although I am not a accomplished writer, I do love to write about all things related to hockey.

My love for hockey began when I was a small child and I used to watch Chicago Blackhawks games with him. I quickly learned how to skate and started playing hockey in all different forms from floor hockey to roller blade hockey in the front of my house and finally I started playing organized ice hockey. After High School I was no longer able to play organized hockey so I started looking into more ways on how to keep hockey a part of my life in more ways than just watching it on TV.

This is where I discovered my joy in writing about hockey whether it may be reviewing hockey related things or just writing a article on one of the news stories in the hockey world. This is why I created an account on this website and I hope that everyone enjoys the articles that I write. I look forward to interacting with you all on here.



The Best Hockey Player Beards
We all have seen the traditions carried on in sports but there is one that is a very unique one that always get some comments from at least a couple of people that are watching. Which traditions would I be referring to you ask ? Well I am talking about…
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