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Hi there!! I am eagerly approaching 30 this year and am very excited about it. I live in the beautiful mountains in Colorado with my wonderful husband and two kids. I am currently a cosmetologist at a spa and vapor caves. Yes caves!! They are completely awesome. I have a passion for helping make people feel good. In my career I get to do this through positive energy, creating hair art, and educating others on what is necessary to balance and maintain a healthy regimen. I have a passion for being creative through hair, but also for living life in a positive manner. I try my hardest to stay positive for my sake and others. If we don't stay positive, then all this negativity around us will manifest into something much greater.

I have a lot of opinions I would like to be heard. That is why I am here. I hope that I can make a difference in just one person and get them to see the brighter side of any situation.

I have a want to be able to live life to it's fullest potential without having to spend the greater part of my time working my buns off to barely scraped by. I feel like we are bred to work work work hard our whole lives. We only get so much time in life. Time passes us by in a quickness. We shouldn't have to work our time away only to see a minimal amount in return for such efforts.

A Well Known Seacret
It's true ladies and gents. We live in a world obsessed with fighting the aging process and looking as young as we possibly can through anti-wrinkle creams, Botox, skin lasers, chemical peels, plastic surgery, and so much more. It's thrown in our faces everywhere in advertising that you should use…
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Women Without Curves Are Real Too
Growing up I had many insecurities about my body and my personality. I did not have a perfect body. I thought I was fat and awkwardly shaped. I had bad acne for the greater part of my adolescence that made me want to walk around with a paper bag over…
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What Beautiful Really Means
A perfect body. Perfect hair. Perfect skin. No wrinkles. Is this what's beautiful? No. This is what society has continually led people to believe is beautiful. The sad part? People actually follow the opinions and words of others for what is perfection and what is beauty. If you have a…
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