Esther Waring (Street Articles Author)

Esther Waring writer, humanist, creative thinker and motivational speaker is a colourful figure who will tell you how it is. Her reputation is for being out spoken and true to form her writing is direct. Esther cannot profess to have suffered abuse in her life, however for her it was traumatic and created neural paths in her brain that lead to 40 years of negative thinking. Can you imagine that? On reaching her half century on the planet Esther decided to take control and leave the past behind, where it belongs. She decided to take herself seriously and have some fun - there's an oxymoron for you. Don't know what it means.... look it up! Live, laugh and love, most of all do what you want on the planet. You are only here once and it isn't a rehearsal. Be mindful of others, respect your fellow planeteers and enjoy the privilege of being part of the universe.

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