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- When And Where to File ?
All US citizens whether residing in the country or in some alien nation need to file U.S. income tax as per the rules of US government, aka Expatriate Tax Returns. The rules for filing income tax do not differ much in case you are an expat. Any income you have…
By:  in  Finance  >  Taxes   Jul 03, 2015  
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Expat Tax Preparation - Troublesome Tax Traps for US Expatriates
US Expats living and working in a foreign country tend to open bank accounts to effectively manage their finances. If they are living there for a longer time period, they mayalso decide to invest in a foreign pension plan or insurance policy. However, there’s a catch to that, as US…
By:  in  Finance  >  Taxes   Jun 02, 2015  
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Expatriate Tax Returns : 5 Tax Saving Tips for US Tax on American Expats
Whether you are a US citizen, a Resident Alien or an American Expatriate, there is no escaping tax ( US Tax for Americans Living Abroad ). Since tax payment constitutes a major portion of your expenses and with the introduction of new tax filing forms requirements imposed by the Foreign…
By:  in  Finance  >  Taxes   May 17, 2015  
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Expat Tax Preparation : Do You Know How Totalization Agreements Affect Your Tax Bills ?
Totalization agreements are basically international social security agreements. The US has signed these agreements with different international countries having similar social security programs. The main idea behind the agreements is better coordination of United States’ own social security program for its citizens working around the world. The totalization agreements are…
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Report Of Foreign Bank And Financial Accounts (fbar): US Expat Taxation
An FBAR needs to be filed, as part of your Expatriate Tax Return, if you are an expat having a foreign account holding more than $10,000. It is a mandatory filing. Eligibility: You need to file FBAR if you are a US citizen or resident alien and if : You…
By:  in  Finance  >  Taxes   Apr 28, 2015  
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