Extreme Hypertrophy (Street Articles Author)

According to anthropologist Peter McCallister, the contemporary version of man is the sorriest incarnation of male in the history of humanity. He may have a point! The contemporary man has lost his ability to be a man and is psychologically and physically more similar to a woman than any man in human history.

Contemporary man has lower testosterone levels than men in the past. Contemporary men have lower sperm count than ever before. Between aromatization and inactivity the average man cannot do I pull-up.

Even the bully of today is the biggest wimp in human history. 40 years ago the neighborhood bully would take your milk money or you got a black eye. Today he is a coward who hides behind a computer screen and spreads gossip. That sounds like a teenage girl, not a man.

Extreme Hypertrophy exists for the sole purpose of documenting the ways in which the contemporary male can reclaim his masculine birthright!