Fareed (Street Articles Author)

I suppose a good place for me to start would be the fact that I thrive on good conversation, be it from the amazing everyday experiences of life as it happens to sometime controversial issues of religion in general. I have an immense passion for ancient civilisations and how it marries itself into scriptural histories. I have been and still am a keen scholar of comparative religions,there are still so much to learn out there and I guess this is the fuel that fires my passion, to learn as much as I can and to apply to life as I travel my chosen way. Very much like live as you go instead of just existing on the journey,being a passive passenger. I conduct a business that supply interactive technologies to educational institutions.I keep abreast with new technological developments, from Nanotechnology to Artificial Intelligence, so there will always be something to say.My artistic side brings balance to my life and here I often surrender myself to my soul and find expression in this way. A collage pretty much explains me, just like all of you reading this, it's just that these are the colours of my collage, my world.

In Search Of A Soul
Where did it all begin, why did it all start, how did it all start? I'm sure like with so many others so too did these questions enter your mind and in some instances, never left again, because this may have been the beginning of many spiritual journeys and roads…
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