Ferdinand E. Mehlinger (Street Articles Author)

I grew up in Pasadena, CA. with my grandparents while my mom and real dad went through their divorce. At the time it was a pretty harsh reality but as kids we are so resilient. I absolutely hated being there and away from my mom, however, it was a 2 acre property and my grandparents' neighbors had horses that I would throw tangerines too. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Horses don't eat tangerines!" Well to me, at the time, I thought I was giving them treats. :-) You see, this is where my authorship commenced, I was 6. My grandparents would make me come home from school, pick up a USA Today, New York Times or Los Angeles Times and I would have to read an article, write a few paragraphs on it and then they would grade and edit it before I could go out to play. Sounds pretty drastic, but it honestly led me to great things and I have landed Fortune 500 jobs simply because of my ability to write and communicate. As I just stated, I have worked for different corporations that were ranked extremely high. After getting sick and tired of clocking in, watching my breaks like a nazi, and being micro-managed, I decided to go to The Los Angeles Film School and started a career procuring financing for feature and independent films. I had a great time at that and enjoyed it very much, however, I always knew I would eventually make my living online. And that friends, is where I am now. I run my home based web business most of the time in my pajamas. I'm with my wife and 7 month old son everyday and get to participate in everything he does. I've been able to watch him grow and progress and I have to say it all stemmed from what my grandparents made me do from 2nd grade til 8th grade. They were grooming me (unintentionally) for my future of working from home. I can wholeheartedly remember I hated it at the time, but am more than thankful now. My goal is to provide engaging, truthful and educated articles written with poise and understanding.

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