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Lonely No More
I'm single. I have been for 4 years. I'm not close to my family and I have no children. I go to work and come home . It sounds a bit lonely huh? The holidays were the worst. Especially Thanksgiving. Everyone at work is excited about family get togethers and…
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Aging Gracfully With My Dog
There goes the alarm. time to get up. My bones are stiff and soar first thing in the morning. I guess I'm aging. It takes me a moment longer to get out of bed then it used to to. I kind of chuckle to myself becausei noticed it takes ole…
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Tanks Ears
I have had my Rotty for 5 years now. He was around three months old when I got him. He was the cutest little guy ever. I thought He looked like a little baby bear cub. Just about as wild also. He was definitly a handful. I did all the…
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Is Your Dog at Risk for Canine Influenza?
It seems like everyone is getting the flu these days. Even birds! But, did you know that your dog can contact the flu? I know it sounds crazy but, it's true. Canine Influenza. Canine influenza is highly contagious. It's caused by a new virus so your dog has no natural…
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Optimum Health for Your Service Dog And Friend
Many people own service dogs. They rely on these dogs for thier independance and safety. It is necessary to keep these dogs in optimum health. Even if your dog is not a service dog you want your dog to live a happy and healthy long life. Dogs are said to…
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