Floyd M. Benjamin (Street Articles Author)

Raised in a country setting on a small homestead supported by meager means. The second eldest, the only boy, among five children born to two ambitious parents. Though education was emphasized in our home, work on the homestead took priority. To such a home grown adolescent boy the ability to work with his hands was interpreted as the only necessity for a means of successful life survival. Desiring an escape from the homestead life, at sixteen I ventured away from school and home into a life of full-time employment. Enjoying the income that my hard labor provided, but unable to find meaning to life, I squandered fortunes on wayward living. I married young and soon for the first time meaning and purpose in life seemed possible through my wife and our two daughters. However, for reasons without understanding divorce quickly became the inevitable. Desperate to gain back my loss, for thirty years, I perpetually repeated my routine and procreated other children during three more marriages. Single again and now middle aged, for the first time in my life, I have made the conscience decision to internally examine myself in search to find answers to the reasons for the choices I made.

How To Make Your RV Your Home
If camping is your passion, you may considered what millions of others have the fantasy of leaving all your ties to urban life behind for a lifestyle freed from mortgage payments and land taxes by living full time in your RV. Your RV living experience does not have to remain…
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