Fran Stott (Street Articles Author)

Since 1980, Gulf Islands Cruising School Ltd., Sidney, BC on Vancouver Island,has been a family business. We started offering five day live aboard courses on 26' sailboats.

The galleys on our two 26′ sailboats were equipped with two burner alcohol stoves and a large icebox. My challenge was to outfit the galleys, plan a menu for five days for up to five people per boat, and provision the boats.

My experience has led me to expanding my online presence by providing easy recipes for boaters, cooking in a two burner stove galley, and gift ideas for boaters.

Gifts For Boat Owners
Buying gifts for boat owners can be a challenge. One way to decide is who will be receiving the gift. Will it be the Boat Captain, First Mate/Galley Cook, and/or a Boating Family? The next consideration is your budget. Gifts can range from stocking stuffers to electronics and more. Keep…
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Preparing for Cooking In A Two Burner Stove Boat Galley
When I was preparing a boat galley with a two burner stove for cooking, I planned for feeding the crew well and making it easy for the galley cook to prepare meals. In this article, I will discuss the three points I consider essential for preparing to cook on a…
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