Francisco Garcia (Street Articles Author)

I'm retired from the labor force (early retirement) due to a back injury in 1998. I used to live in the city of Santa Ana, which is located in Orange County, CA and did so for over 30 years. I worked for the US Defense Department from 1988-91' on projects such as Patriot Missile Guidance Systems. Basically my duties included (among other smaller projects) testing radar modules for the "Patriot missiles." My contract expired after the "Desert Storm War" (also known as the Persian Gulf War) had ended. Shortly after that, I joined my younger brother's construction company where I had an accident after working for two years. As the result of that accident, I end up with my back injury which put me out of the labor force for good. Anyhow, nowadays I'm trying to build a business on the internet and been doing so since 2010. I must admit, I am advancing in slow motion for one reason only, I like writing short stories just for fun. I don't have a favorite topic/subject in particular, I just write whenever a little inspiration or idea pops out of my mind. I often find myself stuck in higher realm of abstract philosophical contemplations as I indulge in classical music from the great masters.

My Quest And Struggle Online
I would like to share some of my experiences as an online entrepreneur. My journey began three years ago when I decided to take a close look at how to earn an income online. I thought to myself that this trip will be more like an adventure. Anxious to begin,…
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