Frank Atkinson (Street Articles Author)

Hi Frank here. I am a retired Master Electrician, and licensed Auctioneer from Central Texas. I was born in Brackenridge Hospital, Austin Texas, 1947. I feel so honored to have been born in my great state of Texas. Can't be any place better, we are still the Biggest and the Best. My Wife and I live a few miles North-North East of Austin on 6 acres and raise a few Boar Goats, Ducks, chickens and of course dogs and cats.

Just finished getting my fall garden in. We are planting Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Head Lettuce, Large sweet onions, Broccoli, Colliflour, Bell Peppers, Hot Bannana Peppers, and of course Jalepeno, Tomatoes, Egg Plants, and squash. Already getting Black Eyed peas in and squash and peppers.

Ginny and I stay pretty close to the house but like to go to our nephews ball games and do a little fishing, and work on the computer. I am trying to get an online business started. If you are interested in getting on line I would reccommend Wealthy Affiliate. com. Don't let any one tell you that this is a get rich quick sceam, because I can tell you now if you don't want to work do not try to start an on line business. Like any endever in life, you, have to put something into it if you expect to get anything out of it. IT TAKES WORK like anything else.

Well any way that is something about my self. Good by for now, and have a grat day.


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