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My wife and I began another adventure with a site about vacuum cleaners. We are both self-admitted "clean freaks" and began researching vacuum cleaners to buy and compiled our favorites on our website; Best Vacuum Cleaners To Buy. If you're a "clean freak" like us you always appreciate a good vacuum cleaner!
4 Of the Best Pet Hair Vacuums to Buy
Do you have pets that shed all over your house or car? Are you searching for some of the best pet hair vacuums to pick up that stubborn hair and fur? Perfect, you’ve come to the right place. We love our pets but honestly no one likes pet hair everywhere.…
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Try My Sure Fire Methods For Hitting A Controlled Driver
I am amazed by how many golfers only care about how much distance they can get from their driver. Distance is important, and necessary, but my main goal with the driver has always been control. I love to hit my drives 300 yards but it does me no good if…
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The Best Golf Clubs For Women
Are you researching which golf clubs are the best for women? Are you buying for yourself or for your better half? Either way, I hope to provide some insight as to which golf clubs are the best for women and why. What defines the “best?” What makes one set of…
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Simplifying The Method Of How To Hit A Draw
Hitting a draw shot is one of the most coveted skills in golf. Many golfers, including me, wish they could hit a natural draw and be able to repeat it with consistency. The draw is one of the most preferred ball flight paths because it provides the most distance and…
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Dyson Dc31 Review
Dyson’s name is synonymous with quality upright vacuum cleaners but how do they rate in the handheld vacuum department? Dyson has two handheld vacuums; the DC31 and the DC31 Animal. The difference, of course, is that the Animal is designed to be used for pet hair. The Dyson DC31 is…
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Is John Daly Every Mans Hero Or Worst Nightmare?
John Daly is back in the news with a tell-all book soon to be released and authored by his ex-wife, Sherrie Daly. I’m sure no one is too surprised that one of (four) his ex-wife’s is going to spill all of John’s dirty laundry; as if we don’t know about…
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Effective Keys for Hitting With a Driver
Arguably one of the most difficult clubs to hit in the bag is the driver. Hitting with a driver is often the most frustrating part of the game for beginners and seasoned pros alike (i.e., Tiger Woods right now). Most golfers want to hit their driver as far as possible.…
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The New Taylormade R11 Driver - Marketing Hype Or Must Have?
Taylormade is well known for its drivers and driver technology. Taylormade actually introduced the first metal wood in 1979. Taylormade drivers are the most used on the professional tours, 450 players worldwide. Taylormade's technical divsion has been outproducing and outlasting other golf makers for many years. I just have to…
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The Better Golf Swing
How do you get a better golf swing? What are the keys to having a consistent, repeatable golf swing? Most golfers can agree that you can never have, or keep, the perfect golf swing. It’s something we all have to work for and really work at if we want to…
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