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Hi. I have been living the dream for close on 30 years.

It started when I built my own 34ft sailboat(took 8 years) and launched Footloose in 1994. I have been working as a sailing charter boat captain for 8 years in the Caribbean Windward and Leeward Islands and BVI's.

Having sailed over 40,000 sea miles in Footloose, and also many miles on other yachts around the world, through my "cool boating supplies" web site I hope to encourage old and new boaters, by reviewing marine products to enhance their boating experience.I totally believe in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) theory because it gets you where you want to be without the shiny objects distractions.

Sailing, fishing and surfing is my passion and I have always found that with the right equipment life is a breeze. Partisipating in these wonderful sports have continualy open doors of opportunity for me and also created lasting frienships with wonderful people living in different countries around the world.

Recently I have once again become a proud dog owner. During my travels around the world I frequently come across some really cool dogs and the one consistent thing that shines through is their total devotion to their owners.

My "b pet smart" website is devoted to these wonderful, faithful creatures who have loved and trusted me from day one. I hope some of my advice and recommendation for these pets will help you to discover what more you can do for your pet that will enhance their lives and relationship with you and your family.

You cannot help but love them.

13 Basic Tools And Items For Your Tackle Box - Must Have
What are the most common items most fishermen have in their tackle boxes. Even with the massive amount of different boxes available to the fisherman today they all seem to have these necessary products in their fishing bags and boxes Here are some of the most popular Tools. Multi Tool…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Apr 15, 2013  
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Building A Catamaran Using Rope
Where ever I travel around the world, by boat or in a motor home; there is one type of boat that I come across time and time again. In the most unlikely places many that experience extreme weather condition and where you would expect to find only the strongest built…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Boating   Apr 08, 2013  
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A Sailing Mishap – High And Dry on the Ocean
All's Well - Until Mishaps at sea can occur at any moment, some of them quite comical. One that I recall happened on the first leg of our round the world journey. We set off from our home port Knysna (350 miles east of Cape Town, South Africa) on our…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Cruising   Apr 04, 2013  
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Dog Crates Are Prisons - Do You Send Your Pet To Jail?
Dog Crates: Tool of Neglect and Abuse So, you're a dog owner, and you love your pet. You want what's best for your dog but did you know that your actions may be damaging the physical and mental well-being of your pet? It's probable that you have a dog crate.…
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Dog Clothing - Why Its So Important to Dress Your Dog
Dress Your Dog In Personality Clothing Today dog clothing is more popular worldwide than ever before. Dressing your dog is a fun and cute way to show off his character. However, various types of dog clothes also serve a practical purpose. They help in protecting a dog from the elements,…
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Dog Training Aids - The Best Dog Training Methods Revealed!
With A Little Bit Of Help Comes Success If you have a hard time teaching basic commands to your dog when using traditional dog training techniques, then try using dog training aids. Many frustrated dog owners choose dog obedience training classes to achieve the desired results, but there are some…
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5 Dog Trainer Legends
Famous Dog Trainers - Meet 5 Legends When teaching our dogs obedience, we often turn to some of the legendary dog trainers, both past and present. These 5 dog trainer legends have offered wisdom about the importance of training your dog and helpful tips on how to teach dogs obedience…
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Arguments For And Against Dog Shock Collars
Are Dog Shock Collars Cruel? Dog shock collars are a controversial issue for pet owners. While some dog owners believe that they are necessary for their dog's well-being, others state that they are cruel for the pet and unnecessary. There are multiple arguments for and against dog shock collars and…
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Tips on Crate House Training A Puppy
Ideas For Toilet Training A Puppy Many new dog owners want their puppy to have a safe space to go at night and during the day. Usually new dog owners will get a crate or paper house for their new dog. While this is a great idea for a puppy,…
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Training Dogs Using A Whistle
Be a whistle blower There are many different ways that dog owners can teach their pets obedience. However, one of the basic methods used is through whistles. Dog training with whistles is great when trying to get a dog's attention especially from a far distance. Since the sound of a…
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