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Hi. I have been living the dream for close on 30 years.

It started when I built my own 34ft sailboat(took 8 years) and launched Footloose in 1994. I have been working as a sailing charter boat captain for 8 years in the Caribbean Windward and Leeward Islands and BVI's.

Having sailed over 40,000 sea miles in Footloose, and also many miles on other yachts around the world, through my "cool boating supplies" web site I hope to encourage old and new boaters, by reviewing marine products to enhance their boating experience.I totally believe in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) theory because it gets you where you want to be without the shiny objects distractions.

Sailing, fishing and surfing is my passion and I have always found that with the right equipment life is a breeze. Partisipating in these wonderful sports have continualy open doors of opportunity for me and also created lasting frienships with wonderful people living in different countries around the world.

Recently I have once again become a proud dog owner. During my travels around the world I frequently come across some really cool dogs and the one consistent thing that shines through is their total devotion to their owners.

My "b pet smart" website is devoted to these wonderful, faithful creatures who have loved and trusted me from day one. I hope some of my advice and recommendation for these pets will help you to discover what more you can do for your pet that will enhance their lives and relationship with you and your family.

You cannot help but love them.

Dog on Dog at Play - 7 Play Mannerisms
7 Dog playing stances We have all experienced occasions when fun ‘dog on dog ‘at play quickly turns into a huge fight that when over leaves you a complete shaking wreck. Although dogs’ playing together is highly recommended by nearly all dog trainers, the opportunity for things to get ugly…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Jan 15, 2013  
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Dogs That Are Good For Kids
Kids and Dogs It’s that time of year again and our grandkids have come to stay for Christmas. The biggest question that my wife and I ask each other is how do we keep them entertained for the next couple of weeks without being told that they are bored and…
By:  in  Pets  >  Dogs   Dec 22, 2012  
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Careful What You Wish For
My Dream Table When looking back in time many people will realise that a certain item they own or used may have influenced their lives forever. This item could be small and insignificant that went very much un-noticed or it could be something large, lording it over you. For me…
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How To Choose Good Boat Building Plans
Boat Building Plans If you are thinking of building a boat then knowing how to select your perfect boat plans will make the task of building your dream boat so much simpler. Boat building is a great hobby for anyone who has some basic carpentry skills and loves working with…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Boating   Oct 07, 2012  
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Using Artificial Baits – Are Some Better?
How do you know which lures are the best when freshwater fishing? There is such a huge variety available so when you decide it’s time to buy a few then at least have a general idea of what’s available out there. Many of these lures are used to catch all…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Sep 20, 2012  
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How To Choose Artificial Fishing Lures – For Fresh Water Angling
There are many types, colors and shapes of hard or soft baits to choose from and often when confronted with all these beautiful options you can become a little confused trying to make a good choice. If you read and believe all the sales hype found written about these products…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports  >  Fishing   Sep 16, 2012  
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5 Advantages And 4 Dissadvantages - Owning A Trolling Motor - Beginers And Fishermen
Owning your first trolling motor The design and manufacture of the modern electric trolling motors that are available in the market place today using the latest electronic technology and quality materials have made these motors very reliable, tough and affordable. There are many to choose from but as with most…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Aug 27, 2012  
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5 Points To Consider Before Obtaining Your Trolling Motor
How on earth do you make a decision on which trolling motor to get for your boat when there is such a huge vartiety to choose from. Whether you need one for your recreational kayack or 20 ft tournament fishing craft, the choices available to you are pretty daunting especially…
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8 Positive Steps To Ensure Your Fishing Success
How To Get Beter Fishing Results - 8 Tips If you want to do some serious fishing and get results like everything else in life there is the right way and the "I'm not very lucky" way. Here are 8 tips to send you on your lucky way. Do Some…
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11 Ways To Increase Your Deep Cycle Battery Life - Up By 30%
Proper maintenance of your deep cycle battery will extend their life by more than 30%. The most common types of deep cycle batteries are either flooded (wet cell ) or valve regulated batteries. Flooded (wet) cell batteries are divided into low maintenance or maintenance free (sealed) types. The sealed batteries…
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