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Hi. I have been living the dream for close on 30 years.

It started when I built my own 34ft sailboat(took 8 years) and launched Footloose in 1994. I have been working as a sailing charter boat captain for 8 years in the Caribbean Windward and Leeward Islands and BVI's.

Having sailed over 40,000 sea miles in Footloose, and also many miles on other yachts around the world, through my "cool boating supplies" web site I hope to encourage old and new boaters, by reviewing marine products to enhance their boating experience.I totally believe in the KISS (keep it simple stupid) theory because it gets you where you want to be without the shiny objects distractions.

Sailing, fishing and surfing is my passion and I have always found that with the right equipment life is a breeze. Partisipating in these wonderful sports have continualy open doors of opportunity for me and also created lasting frienships with wonderful people living in different countries around the world.

Recently I have once again become a proud dog owner. During my travels around the world I frequently come across some really cool dogs and the one consistent thing that shines through is their total devotion to their owners.

My "b pet smart" website is devoted to these wonderful, faithful creatures who have loved and trusted me from day one. I hope some of my advice and recommendation for these pets will help you to discover what more you can do for your pet that will enhance their lives and relationship with you and your family.

You cannot help but love them.

Safety Terthers And Harnesses - An Objective Study
An Objective Study In Washington USA 1998, it was decided to conduct an objective study into the common safety of harnesses and tethers used by cruising sailors. This study was prepared and revised May 15, 1999. Next is a very brief summary. Water Test The first test was an in…
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5 Ways Of Accidentally Falling Over Board
Many people while out boating, never consider how easy it is to go overboard until they unexpectedly find themselves in the water. Some C.O.B (crew over board) will remain relaxed and wait to be rescued, while others will panic increasing their chances of drowning. Hopefully they are wearing a life…
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The Forespar Nova Lift With Winch – An Easy Hoist
The Forespar Lift with Winch The harsh realty is that in most parts of the world today you have to be aware that your gear might get stolen if it is not safely secured. The forespar lift with winch is now standard equipment used on many sailing and motor yachts.…
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Forespar Nova Davits - The Dinghy Davit
The Dinghy Davit A stylish designed pair of forespar nova davits fixed to the stern of your sailing or motor yacht makes stowing the dinghy a simple chore. With the wind howling and the resulting rough water doing its utmost to tip you over the side, it makes you wonder…
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