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The Senior Health Legacy
1945 was a Great Year. Post WWII and the generation that was to produce the largest number of entrepreneurs, millionaires, and service oriented individuals than any other in recorded history was about to take the world stage. Now that this prestigious group is about to retire (of which I am…
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The MAC King Has Died! Long Live the King
His arrival was timely. The era of Thomas Edison like inventors had sprung anew. Only the outward appearances had changed  Now there were young college entreprenues that were translating established forms of communication into a personal experience with NO HOLDS BARRED! The sky was the limit and the only restriction…
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Senior Health Care Impact
Senior Health Care requires good Planning As one ages, there are normal changes in the body, and as a senior you should be able to recognize them. Only then can you help to reduce the changes or delay them so that you can achieve better health for yourself. That is…
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The Impact Of the Retiring Generation on the Healthcare System
The Influence of Baby Boomers on the HealthCare System First, let us define the term "Baby Boomers". This includes all those constituence of the largest population of birthrates beginning with post World War II; circa post 1947. We, (myself included) were products of the most affluent middleclass the nation had…
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