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Funny thoughts. Funny words. Funny ideas. Funny people. World, indeed, is a funny strange place. (Or, perhaps not so funny industry)

It all started with words. Oddly enough, many words have more than one meaning. Even if you examine closely words 'funny' and 'industry' you might get mixed ideas and feelings. Sometimes, funny is not so humorous and laughable at all, it's just there to make you think. There is something funny, yet peculiar and interesting, about the times we are living in. It all comes down to being mindfully curious about life and having a little bit of fun at the same time. Hence, we like to write and talk about different topics - funny and not so funny - yet still with a ludicrous twist. Our favorite subjects include: natural organic way of living, planet, different philosophies, things that make us smile, wonder, amazed, and of course other funny and not so funny stuff. We hope you enjoy our reads.

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How To Make Mother Earth Smile? Every Day, Not Only On Earth Day April 22, 2012
Greed. Pollution. Greenhouse Effect. Global warming. Depletion of natural resources. Nuclear. Starvation. Water Shortage. “Natural Disaster.” Perhaps, these phrases may not have a huge impact on your daily life. While some of these ideas may be intense, there are yet simple small changes you can implement in your daily life…
By:  in  News and Society   Apr 19, 2012  
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Nature Friendly Living – Green Health
Well being of our planet and our human wellness are closely related. In order for us to achieve and maintain green health, we must first think about the welfare of the environment in which we live and we must start to create nature friendly living habits. Today, not only environmentalists…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Environmental   Feb 29, 2012  
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Funny Living – Creating A Safe Organic Detoxifying Diet
The human body is a system that is able to cleanse and renew itself. However, in today's world, even under the best conditions of life, the body is heavily polluted with an excess of various toxic substances that enter the body especially from air, water, and food. If too much…
By:  in  Health and Fitness   Feb 27, 2012  
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Life Is Nothing Else But A Series Of Funny Paradoxes
Defining paradoxes is not a simple task. These are statements or concepts that include contradictory ideas. Yet, often times, they are just a play on words; very confusing at first, but when deliberating about them – they might become true statements, true by logic. There are no mathematical or logical…
By:  in  Arts and Entertainment  >  Humor   Feb 08, 2012  
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