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Tanjung Sepat Malaysia UFO Incident In 1995
The last big UFO sighting in Malaysia was the Tanjung Sepat UFO Incident in 1995. That case was 17 years ago and due to the long time passing, there are not much information on-line on this and most people have forgotten about the incident. Sightings of UFOs are rare in…
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Sightings Of Micro Ufos And Small Alien Beings In Malaysia
Ever since I was a kid, I have been always fascinated with the paranormal in my country, especially UFO sightings, big or micro crafts, in Malaysia. It could have been an alien toy I got as a birthday gift or seeing Steven Spielberg's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' back…
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10 Top UFO Hot Spots In Malaysia
Last week I was surfing the internet to look for the 10 top UFO hot-spots in Malaysia but there wasn't much information on this subject. Sure, there were sites and articles telling where UFOs seen and You-tube videos but where are the top UFO hot spots in Malaysia ? This…
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