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Those Kids You Rode Bikes With
Remember those kids you rode bikes with, played sports with, hung out at the skate park with? We all remember some of them, but there are some whose face we only recall if we see an old photograph. Their name is long forgotten, if we ever even knew their real…
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My Likables : 2015 - 09 - 01
Technically I'm still middle aged, for a few more years. That guy that stares back at me from the mirror, though, sure does look old. One thing I've noticed about getting older is the way your focus, where you concentrate your awareness, changes. Things that were oh so important 40…
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My Likables : 2015 - 08 - 31
For years I have visited a number of social media sites daily and when I see something I like I'll hit the share button, or the like button, or re-tweet, or re-blog it. Different sites call it different things but they all have a method for sharing or liking content…
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