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Horse Racing for the Novice Bettor
One of my favorite memories in high school growing up was watching Secretariat win the Triple Crown. He was a beautiful animal, very large and powerful, and obviously, very fast. But what many may not remember is that there had not been a horse win all 3 races of the…
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Goals Arent Just For Sports
I like hockey. I don't follow it as much as I used to because I moved back to the Southeastern part of the United States about 18 years ago and college football is king in these parts. But I grew up watching hockey on CBS Sports and I was a…
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The 5 Rules of Internet Marketing
Gary Chappelle here. I'm known as the Maverick Money Wizard. Why? In 2 1/2 years I was able to completely replace my income from my JOB (Just Over Broke) with my own business working from home. In fact, I now make MORE than I did previously! How? I worked hard…
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Pay Per Call Changes the Affiliate Landscape
Pay Per Call platforms like Ring Revenue have been around now for a short while. And while the premise is good, that is getting paid commissions when one gets the phone to ring for a business, the problem is basically the same as it has been for traditional affiliate marketing…
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