Gary Crantz aka best-4-you (Street Articles Author)

Hello Street Articles readers-I would like to give a short bio about me. I am 60 yrs. old ["Baby Boomer-not retired] and currently live in Orlando, Fl.. I am from a small town in Western New York-Ripley. I spent my early years working at Welch Foods. In 1978 I got the bug to drive truck, which I did for about 21 yrs. I was at a point of being sick and tired of driving in 1988. I relocated to Leesburg, Fl. and spent about 5 yrs. working at a men's shelter than moved to Orlando where I am at now. I am saying this leading up to this: I am at a point where I need to do something to change my life and be free from a "job-just over broke" mind set. I am participating in the 30-30 writing challenge to improve my skills and set myself up to be able to write quality articles about a range of topics. My aka is Real News 4 Today and my intent is to cover news from all areas of life and to expose and counter the the "liberal bias" that so influences everyone everyday. I am also going to run a site where I parallel world events with the Bible. One of my endeavors will also be to expose false doctrine and evil through writing and research. There is another aspect of this I am looking to cover-what and where are the real workable Affiliate programs for today. Another of my goals here is to present articles related to the "Baby Boomer" Generation-realistically I can do this because I am a part of this generation. This is who I am and some of my intentions here.

I would like to expand upon a couple of thoughts here: through my initial articles I will expand and bring this together with getting a successful Affiliate program off the ground. This takes some time and serious consideration about what you present as "do-able" and real. It is not my intent to be a "guru." [don't even like the word!!] Truth and facts are what is needed now, not hype and speculation.

Start to Finish
This should be a point where you have a more clear perception or vision of what is needed to be done and how to proceed. This is where you begin to improve on your life situation. No matter what, at this point, start on what you need to be doing.…
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What Are You Doing? Part 2
Today I would like to build on the topic of basics. The first part of this topic should include: Talents: what are you really good @? Experience: "direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge". [1] Passion: what you fervently believe or love to do. I…
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What Are You Doing?
This maybe the most important question that is "not" on your mind now, but it needs to be asked.Life is complicated to say the least! There are some areas that I would to present for discussion here: Basics: the simple things that bring you through a tough day. Focus: how…
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