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Gerry O'Neill, Founder of Clarity in Motion, Business Development Manager and Leading Content Developer/Designer. I.T. Trainer and Desktop Publisher and a proficient coder in the following languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0 and advanced user of After Effects CS5. Born in Co. Waterford, Eire; moved to England at 18 yrs. old, spent most of his lifetime in East London and Essex as an I.T. Trainer/Consultant - before finally settling down with his Family in Norfolk. Currently providing the following services; Video Production, Motion Graphics and Digital Signage to SMEs in the UK, through his company's website -
Flash Video Player - the social aspects of interactive video are amazing.
Interactive video enhances the User's experience by providing more functionality to the viewing experience; interactivity is key - when putting across your message. Bringing TV advantages onto the Webs interactive feature rich stage deepens Customer engagement. We live in a dynamic, visual world, and getting a highly targeted message across…
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Digital Signage - powerful and flexible ways to market your business in tough times.
You gain new clients, increase average spend, save on print costs, introduce an elevated level of energy and vitality, and increase your profits. You have to have a good reason not to use it. Whether you're a Hotel, Boutique, Pharmacy, Leisure Centre, Car Dealership, Restaurant, or Take-Away, providing clients with…
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