Gertruda (Street Articles Author)

A marketing postgraduate finding myself in automotive business. What brings me to automotive industry?

It is ever-changing in different ways and shapes. It may be green, may be luxurious, may be innovative and it's not going to stop changing any time soon.

I get to associate with different people from different countries - I love exploring the differences between different cultures.

I am myself very socially responsible. Thus I love working for a company that is so committed to the environment. We represent Eco Touch - earth friendly car care products. Which are in fact changing this industry. Slowly, but surely. I find it very important.

Therefore I usually tend to write about the things that matters to me and might be rather useful to you. We all need to know more than we do...

Can A Drought Be A Business Opportunity
As majority of Western European countries continue experiencing draught, waterless car wash technology becomes a solution for citizens owning cars as well as a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs. In America or Australia and even some cities in Europe, you will see gangs of brightly uniformed girls and boys hitting…
By:  in  Business   Mar 16, 2012  
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How to Start An Auto - detailing/ Car Wash Business
Want to start your own business? Here is an idea - Waterless Car Wash business! Interested? You see in this business you not only get the financial benefits, but also fee about not spoiling the environment. This is because of the innovative technology that doesn’t need any water to wash…
By:  in  Business  >  Small Business   Feb 17, 2012  
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Is it Possible to Wash Your Car Without Water?
Washing your car without water? You might have heard about this technology, or you may have even tried it and liked it. But most likely waterless car wash is still news to majority people. Some even perceive it as fraud marketing. However, those who have tried this innovative way for…
By:  in  Automotive   Feb 10, 2012  
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