Glenda Burrows (Street Articles Author)

Glenda is a retired teacher who taught at both the elementary and secondary. Upon retirement, she began a second career in fiber arts. She spins, weaves, felts and is co-owner of an online fiber business.

Handspinning: Where Can I Learn How to Spin
Instructional materials and handspinning lessons are readily available if you know where to look. If you don't know other spinners, you can still find ways to learn to spin. All it takes is a bit of research to find these resources. So where does one look for information on spinning?…
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Handspinning Equipment: What I Need to Make My Own Yarn
You've decided to make your own yarn. One of the first questions you'll need answered is "What spinning equipment do I need to get started?" Your next question might be, "Will it cost me a lot of money to get started handspinning?" The answer to the second question is that…
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Handspinning Your Own Yarn: Why Do It?
Whenever people discover that I'm a handspinner, I know I will most likely get one of two reactions. One group will respond with a genuine interest and will express a desire to try handspinning themselves. They may even share memories of watching a grandmother working at her spinning wheel many…
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Needle Felting With Wool Roving -- An Easy and Fun Way to Be Creative
Needle felting is a new and exciting craft that is quickly growing in popularity. Using wool roving, special barbed felting needles and a piece of foam, one can create all kinds of items. It is easy, fun, and satisfies the creative need in the crafter. It's a great craft to…
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