GlennD (Street Articles Author)

The NeighborhoodTrainer Community is a fulfillment of Glenn's vision, a pledge to empower consumers - with readily accessible information and user-friendly technology - so everyone can enjoy better health and professional success. Glenn created a platform where everyone has a chance to prosper.

Glenn's commitment to these principles is the result of his many accomplishments, which include leadership positions with Marriott International and Town Sports International (New York Sports Clubs). In these roles, Glenn can point to a series of marketing milestones and sales achievements worthy of praise. These efforts, combined with his steadfast belief in the value of customized service, are at the heart of Glenn's current management of NeighborhoodTrainers. Through this gift of fitness, Glenn cherishes his ability to empower people and inspire his supporters.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Glenn is a proud husband and father. He resides in New York City.

What Time is the Best Time to Workout?
Anytime is a great time to exercise. There is no debating that. However, depending on the time of day, your workout can have a profound effect on other parts of your day. Especially for a full time working adult who spends their time in an office setting. While the call…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Exercise   Apr 09, 2014  
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Corporate Wellness: Am I Penalizing My Healthiest Workers?
In most companies, everyone pays the same for health insurance no matter your current health status. What message is this sending to the individual employee? No matter what your current health status, we will pay the same amount for you and you will pay the same amount, too. Thus, a…
By:  in  Health and Fitness  >  Personal Training   Apr 08, 2014  
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