Golfspice (Street Articles Author)

I started off writing about golf, hence the username, however, I am now branching out and writing about other interests.

I have always enjoyed sport and cannot imagine life without it. My first love was playing football (soccer), then squash and now a fascination with the challenges of golf, which takes up most weekends. Other interests include travel, photography and writing among other things, which are all time consuming pastimes, but great fun and highly satisfying.

Perhaps online writing will lead to a blog(s) or website(s), though not necessarily about golf. The site(s) will be popular, self-financing and one day make Golfspice a millionaire. See, golfers do have a sense of humour or humor, depending on where in the world that you live.

Professionally, I have more than 30 years experience in highways maintenance, project management, bid management and writing.

Inside Track to Blenheim Palace, Park & Gardens
Blenheim Palace is the home of the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and birthplace of Britain’s greatest wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill. The Palace is a baroque masterpiece, but for me, what makes it extra special are the landscaped park and formal gardens. UNESCO recognised the Blenheim Palace as…
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Discover Your Sporting Passion!
Playing sport, whether with family or friends, is one of life’s great pleasures, and hopefully in this article I can show you what makes sport great. It is important to me that I play sport, and has been at each stage of my life. I have tried many sports, but…
By:  in  Recreation and Sports   Nov 17, 2012  
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Princess Diana And The Gofer
I recently read an article about Princess Diana who tragically died on 31 August 1997 in a road traffic accident in Paris. It is hard to believe it was fifteen years ago, in fact, to this very day. In the article, there was a poll showing that 2% of voters…
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Quick And Easy Photo Composition Tips
Photography must be one of the world’s most popular pastimes, especially with the advent of digital photography, video cameras and mobile phones, which are all capable of producing good photos. However, no matter how sophisticated equipment becomes, it is still down to the person behind the camera to compose a…
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Composing Photos: How To Use Depth Of Field To Your Advantage
Depth of field affects every photo you take, which is why it is worth understanding what it is and using it to your advantage when composing your photos. It can make the difference between a dull snapshot and a vibrant image that shows off your subject to best effect. This…
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Olympic Torch In Blenheim Palace
The Olympic torch arrived in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, Woodstock in West Oxfordshire to a crescendo of cheers and flag waving from thousands of people young and old. Children from local schools and disability groups among the general public lined the roadway of the magnificent gardens of Blenheim all…
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Workplace Safety at Roadworks
Not all drivers take safety at roadworks seriously putting their own lives and that of the road worker at risk. In today’s high-pressure world, many drivers are seemingly more concerned about delays to their journey rather than arriving at their destination safely. A careless or agitated driver losing concentration while…
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Who Can You Trust On The Internet?
We have all heard about scams on the internet, whether they are downright fraudulent, promises of great wealth that never materialize or people supplying information that is worth next to nothing. But how do you find people, websites and information you can trust? Before you think I have the answer…
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Journey Through the Holy Island Of Lindisfarne
Sitting in the North Sea just off the Northumbrian Coast of England is the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. It spans just 2 sq miles, however, it is rich in history, flora, fauna and birdlife (over three hundred varieties of birds visit each year). Northumberland is England's northern most county and…
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Ipswich: An Unlikely Location for A Weekend Break
Before actually visiting the Suffolk town of Ipswich, it seemed an unlikely location for a weekend break. However, what I found was an old English town benefiting from regeneration and a vibrant waterfront, ideal for a fun and relaxing break. When invited to Ipswich for a birthday party and weekend…
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