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Hi everyone. I live in Edmonton, Canada. I am in property management, but now want to venture into online business. I want more freedom from work schedules so I can do the things that are important to me and not have a boss to answer to. I have many interests some of which include reading, fitness, socializing with my friends. I especially like learning new things. Keeps my brain from getting foggy :). (I hope, lol). Very new at this blogging thing, still learning. As you've probably noticed I am into rejuvenation, still experimenting with various procedures and techniques. Blogging is almost therapeutic. You know, when I feel bored or restless, I can always sit down and write about something. I hope you will enjoy my articles.

My Thermigen Skin Tightening Experience
I am going to share my personal experience with Thermigen skin tightening procedure. I've been reading and researching the topic of skin firming methods since I've seen the commercial for Lifestyle Lift on TV. After a complimentary application from my cosmetic dermatologist, I was hooked. After further consultation with the…
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Side Effects Of Tanning Beds
Is tanning safe? All you sun worshippers, take notice: tanning is not good for you! No ifs, and's, or but's about it. Take it from the dermatologists that firmly say: stay away from the sun and tanning beds. Like most of us, I used to be a sun worshipper in…
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