Graeme Newman (Street Articles Author)

I am England born and raised. Living in the county of Bedfordshire.

I am married and am expecting my first child in April 2014. Soooo exciting.

I am a car mechanic, with a passion for all things technical, especially if they include wheels! ;)

Love going out riding on my Motorbike, by far my favorite form of transport.

Now trying to break into the world of the World Wide Web.

2014 is Upon Us
Looking forward 2014 is nearly upon us. Christmas is only a day away, and all the preparation is complete. One last day of commuting for work, then two whole days off. Time to reflect on how this last year has gone. In my case, this last year has been full…
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My Motorbike Honeymoon
Riding through a new country on a motorbike with nothing between you and the scenery is an amazing feeling. To be able to share that with someone is not always possible, but when you do get the chance, take it. I got that chance when my wife mentioned during the…
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