Greatuncledad (Street Articles Author)

My real name is Mark,I am part of the over 50 crowd now, and no that doesn't mean I'm ready to retire, or lay down in a grave somewhere.

I have been in business most of my life. I grew up on a farm, worked in horticulture, and greenhouse management for several years. In 1988 I had an accident that nearly left me crippled in both legs. This forced me from the greenhouses, and landscaping business. I have worked in screen printing and embroidery for almost 20 years now. I am no stranger to hard work or challenging times.

Along the way I have read many books and educated myself on healthy living, weight loss and disease control. It is one way I have stayed out of a wheel chair, which is one heck of a motivator. I have also been very active in the Christian church, and I have led bible studies for about 20 years. So most of my knowledge revolves around plants, clothes, health, and religion. These are things you will see in most of my articles.

I am passionate about helping people stay healthy. I watched both of my parents die long lingering deaths from diabetes and cancer. I want to do what I can to help other people avoid that.

Saw Palm Health Benefits
In 1988 I had an accident that nearly killed me. I fell from a scaffold I was working on; and broke bones in both legs. To add “insult to injury” the pain in my legs had caused me to not be able to pass urine properly so I had to…
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Guide to Buying T - shirts for Your Group
As a contract screen printer I get at least one phone call a week, from someone who has never "done this before". They are usually the member of the team or group that have drawn the short straw. This is not the most popular job, because it is very difficult…
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Not Your Man's Shirt
I have been in the decorated apparel business for about 20 years. It has been interesting to see the changes that have taken place over the years. We mostly did screen printing and embroidery of business apparel and uniforms. But we did a lot of sports uniforms for local schools…
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Using Dietary Supplements for Men's Health Problems
We all love a short cut. We want to find the shortest distance form point A to point B. But the bad news is that a short cut is not always the best way. One time I was going to visit a friend and I had only been to the…
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Apple Health Benefits
Behold the lowly apple, a very common fruit. However for a very common fruit it has a very uncommon number of benefits for your health. Yes; it appears that old saying that " an apple a day will keep the doctor away." has a lot more truth to it than…
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Eat Yourself Healthy
Have you ever heard the term nutritarian? This is a person who practices eating foods that are high in micro nutrients so that they deliver the most benefit per calorie consumed. The idea is to eat foods that have a high nutrient value as opposed to high calorie, low nutrition…
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