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I grew up watching tons of movies, in high school I finally starting making tons of short & stupid movies, in college I majored in tons of movies (Communications Media), watched tons old artsy movies (which were mostly pretentious and David Lynch "deep"), made a ton more short movies, some stupid and some just as pretentious as the ones I was watching, and then graduated and now I work Full Time Editing (wait for it)...commercials. Still watch tons of movies, and TV, "24" and "The Sopranos" did it to me. My favorite Movie Rocky, my favorite TV Show is "LOST." And I love to write movie reviews and make top 5 lists. Now I'm finally posting some of them online! I hope you like them. If you want to see them with all the pictures like they are intended to have (Street Articles only lets you publish one picture per article!!!), you can see the full articles on my blog at

Top 10 Vietnam Movies
10. Born on the Fourth of July This was Ron Kovic’s true story of his battle during and following the events of the Vietnam war. His struggle with love and the loss of his legs plague him to no end as he journeys to the ends of the earth and…
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Top 10 Devil Movies
10. Repossessed I only mention this horrifying parody of a great movie, because the actress who is portraying the girl who was possessed in the original Exorcist is THE SAME actress that portrayed the girl in the Exorcist. Linda Blair sinks to a new low next to (thinks he's) funny…
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Top 5 James Bond Villains
5. Auric Goldfinger Auric Goldfinger represents many people's favorite movie plot of all time, knocking over Fort Knox. Only Goldfinger's plan isn't to steal the gold, but to blow it up causing his Gold to go up in price. Goldfinger is one of the only Bond villains who goes over…
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Top 5 Most Clever Movie Bank Robberies
5. Out of Sight If not for being caught right after, this stick up might have been the most cleaver of all. Not even 5 minutes into the film, George Clooney walks into a bank and attempts to rob it. He walks up to the woman teller who has a…
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