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As I have stated I review novels in the fantasy genre. One might ask, "Guy, why Fantasy?". The answer to that goes back a few years. As a child, I was never really a reader, i played outside with my neighborhood friends, I played video games, and I just generally annoyed my mother when I wasn't doing either of the other activities. one day my mother brought home the first book in the "Redwall" series entitled, "Redwall" by Brian Jacques, and I was immediately hooked on the wild ride that fantasy has taken. I have read the old stuff and the new stuff and have generally enjoyed all of it. Now, I'm in college and I'm studying to become an English Literature major and with many hours of the day lost to sleeping and not doing anything productive I have decided to start this fantasy novel review thing, we'll see if it works out...
Fantasy Book Reviews: The Spectral Blaze Book 3 Of the Brotherhood Of the Griffon
Fantasy Book Review: The Spectral Blaze: A Forgotten Realms Novel (Brotherhood of the Griffon) by Richard Lee Byers   Have you ever read a great fantasy novel? Have you ever read a bad one? Well I read both, and Review them! I’m Guy Sciancalepore, an aspiring author who writes reviews…
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