Harriet Bay (Street Articles Author)

The world is full of discovery about politics, human relations but most interesting of all must be the debates over sex. Why do we still have such a confused understanding of sex and relationships?

Over the past few years I've managed a couple of apartments that are leased out by the hour to lovers, and others.

In this time I've met extraordinary people who have opened up about their relationships, their views on sex and the frustrations of living in a society where sex is still misunderstood.

I hope to be able to add to the ongoing debate about secret sex, sex work and marriage.

Now I write for a blog: behindsecretsex.com

Oh Lord, I Think I've Bought A Brothel
When the blindfolds are removed most people expose a deep intrigue of secret sex; we are inquisitive about the danger, the moral reasoning and the unfulfilled lust. Together with friends I faced the darkness of being forty years old, or plus as our careers slowly began to reignite. That friend…
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