Hayley Lowman (Street Articles Author)

I'm a writer located in Bristol, England.

I graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 2011 with a Degree in Writing. Throughout the course I've experimented with many different areas of writing: from installation, art, sound, essays all the way to the interesting realm of performance (also known as Performance Writing).

I run several blogs on Wordpress, Tumblr and Blogger. Some are for the documentation of different projects I've created and others are purely for keeping up with the large world of blogging and writing. I also use the blogs as daily writing practice, to research texts and to explore art.

I am creative in all my writing pursuits and will be interested in any work artistic or performative, so please contact me if you think I can help you out with anything within that context.

Looking for Something to Read?
After I graduated from University I was overwhelmed by the idea of being able to read fiction once again. I studied a course in Writing, which gave me the opportunity to indulge in great masterpieces, and although I refer to these constantly and many of them are worn from re-reading,…
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