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My name ? Hayley Katie Jeenes...My origins ? of Italian decent...My age ? 24.. Granted, i have an unusual second name ! 'Jeenes' is actually an old English name i think. I have never come across another person apart from my family who has this second name.

Anyway i live in the west of England with my partner Kevin and our 3 cats. Im a Care Assistant by profession but always had a interest for anything computer related. I did attend university for while to study Graphic Design which brings me to my interests..

Well where do i start !! . Ever since i was a little girl ive always had a nack for drawing, infact i absolutely loved it ! i would lock myself away for hours and just draw..weird child i know LOL. Even though ive lost contact with this interest for now it will always stay with me i know.

So im just going to briefly outline a few interests or ill be here for hours and you will get bored ! writing, animals , photography , the supernatural ,history ,my ancestory , the universe and everything space related , music and last but not least psychology. These are just a few interests.

I hope i have opened a little window into my life and that you have enjoyed finding out a little more about me. I look forward to many great conversions in the future :) so make sure you leave me some feedback

Cat Gym
Hey Peeps Hope your having a super Monday. So a cat gym is essentially a cat tree or cat condo or cat house. A small difference is these things are SUPER HUGE and come with a equally large price tag as well. Now when im talking huge I mean floor…
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Cat Hammocks
Hey cat fans! Ever since I bought my cat a hammock she loves nothing more than to lounge on the thing all day! The type I bought was a window hammock that attaches to my window sill. We all know that cats love to be in high places. This hammock…
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Ipad Cat Game
Hey kitty fans We have tried toy mice,balls,interactive laser lights and stuffed toys..Hell we've even tried cardboard boxes and toilet roll tubes to keep our cats entertained. With inventors coming out with more wacky and crazy toys everyday for our felines it can be hard to keep up. There has…
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Ever Dream Of Giving Ian Somerhalder A Hug? Well Now You Can!
Hey peeps Are you are vampire fan? The worlds going crazy across the globe for all things 'vampire related' and everyone wants a piece of the action. The ever popular series The vampire Diaries is huge in America and here as well in The United Kingdom. I would consider my…
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Homemade Cat Toys Are More Fun for the Owner Than the Pet?
Hello to the feline world of mystery Yes they are more fun for the owner than the pet! You know why? Because it gets your creative juices flowing. If you ever wanted to make your own homemade toys for your cat your imagination is the limit when creating your own…
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Second Cat Shot In Three Days
Hey guys and girls Awful things happen in this world and it makes me sit and ponder where we as humans have gone wrong? There has been lots of stories in the news lately about cruelty to animals but more so regarding the shooting of cats. A families cat called…
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Pudding The Cat Saves Owners Life
hey my feline friendlys We think of our cats as part of the family and we would do anything for them. We would also like to think they would do anything for us right? You reckon your cat would try to save you from drowning or bring you the medication…
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The Benefits Of Investing In A Cat Tree
Hello to the world of cat fans. So what are the benefits of buying a cat tree for your cat? Well there are several reasons why you would think of buying one of these play houses for your kitty. As I mentioned before in one of my other articles exercise…
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Cat Toy's
I salute you feline fans ! I think I'm going a little toy crazy here when thinking about all the possibilities when buying your cat a toy. Our kitty's have left paw prints on our hearts so naturally we want the best toy that comes with the right price tag.…
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My Cat's High?!
Yes girls and boys my cats high!! No he hasn't paid the nearest dealer for a quick fix! He certainly does not have a addiction. He's simply got cat happy off a little catnip. The most strangest and funniest thing I have ever seen by far! What is it? Catnip…
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