hayley (Street Articles Author)

My name ? Hayley Katie Jeenes...My origins ? of Italian decent...My age ? 24.. Granted, i have an unusual second name ! 'Jeenes' is actually an old English name i think. I have never come across another person apart from my family who has this second name.

Anyway i live in the west of England with my partner Kevin and our 3 cats. Im a Care Assistant by profession but always had a interest for anything computer related. I did attend university for while to study Graphic Design which brings me to my interests..

Well where do i start !! . Ever since i was a little girl ive always had a nack for drawing, infact i absolutely loved it ! i would lock myself away for hours and just draw..weird child i know LOL. Even though ive lost contact with this interest for now it will always stay with me i know.

So im just going to briefly outline a few interests or ill be here for hours and you will get bored ! writing, animals , photography , the supernatural ,history ,my ancestory , the universe and everything space related , music and last but not least psychology. These are just a few interests.

I hope i have opened a little window into my life and that you have enjoyed finding out a little more about me. I look forward to many great conversions in the future :) so make sure you leave me some feedback

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