Heather Bradford (Street Articles Author)

I hold a Diploma of Education (Primary), have a strong interest in health, and have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a time based therapy and Hypnotherapy to the levels of Master Practitioner and Trainer. I am also a Reiki Master.

My current interests are sharing online both here and on squidoo (where my username is canoz). My current focus is understanding and sharing in the areas of personal growth and the unconscious mind.

I am a wife and mother with a small but strong network of family and friends. I enjoy coffee with friends, craft outlets such as patchwork, embroidery and scrapbooking, traveling, doing things with my family, and cooking when I have the time and inclination.

Glad you could stop by. Life is indeed beautiful.

A Collision Course With Life
There’s a truck barreling toward your little vehicle on that dark and rainy road. Its headlights are dazzling and the reflection of them bounces back the fear of being on a collision course and somewhat out of control. “Watch out!” your well meaning friends may shout. “Look! It’s a truck.…
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Middle Age And Magnificent!
Today started out nothing like I’d planned and became a lesson in overcoming (minor) adversity and a celebration of being middle age and magnificent! I arranged coffee with a couple of great ladies at the local mall and not to be put off by a gas bottle delivery farmed the…
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Souls Of Greatness
I can’t get the words off my mind this week. If somebody else told me this I’d be advising them to listen to the message their unconscious mind is telling them. Somehow I’m not getting it just yet. Sure I have some thoughts, but not my “aaah-ha!” moment. Writing an…
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Rapport - Accept My Suggestion!
“Will you let me play the devil’s advocate?” I ask, leaning toward my customer with a conspiring smile. Although I have said this a few times now I have never had anyone say "no". They accept my suggestion that, mere minutes ago, they would have rejected quite soundly. It’s bold…
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Your Children Are Not A Possession
Kahlil Gibran teaches us very wisely that children are life’s longing for itself. They are not a possession to be held but rather a blessing to be learnt from. We can seek to live our life through the wonder of them but not have them live out our expectations and…
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Energy Healing - My Experience
What does an energy healer feel or see when they have their hands over or upon your body? In fact even when they are merely focused on sending healing from afar? Although my experience is unique to me many others may also share it. Still more healers would say it’s…
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Developing Energy Healing Skills
Trust, faith, belief and listening to intuition. Things that are essential in developing the skills needed to harness the power of energy healing. Tapping into the power of the esoteric world of universal wisdom, spirit or love is available to any who are dedicated to its pursuit and open to…
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Your Unconscious Mind Smells!
Garlic! The stench of it on another person’s breath when we haven’t indulged. It’s up there with stale coffee, cigarettes and the smell of old beer in the carpet of a clubhouse floor (trust me on that one!) Of all our senses smell is perhaps the one that is given…
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Pay Attention to Gaining Attention!
If I want your attention for longer than this first paragraph than I’ve got my work cut out. Generally, a live audience will turn off after 10 minutes. When it comes to articles, such as this one, an author doesn’t have the privilege of so much time. Entertain, educate and…
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Mind Your Comments, You Bully!
An 800 pound 'bride'. Many readers may have seen the article. This lady is going for a record, has been on an Internet site designed to excite men who are into that kind of thing, and even featured on TV. Like everyone else I read the article with interest and…
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