Heather Bradford (Street Articles Author)

I hold a Diploma of Education (Primary), have a strong interest in health, and have studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a time based therapy and Hypnotherapy to the levels of Master Practitioner and Trainer. I am also a Reiki Master.

My current interests are sharing online both here and on squidoo (where my username is canoz). My current focus is understanding and sharing in the areas of personal growth and the unconscious mind.

I am a wife and mother with a small but strong network of family and friends. I enjoy coffee with friends, craft outlets such as patchwork, embroidery and scrapbooking, traveling, doing things with my family, and cooking when I have the time and inclination.

Glad you could stop by. Life is indeed beautiful.

The Significance Of Each Child
It was a moment of such intense significance to me that I have remembered it like it was today. I can feel the emotions it held and see the image of those seconds in my minds eye. Sitting in a café I looked across the table at my companion. It…
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The Murky Waters Of the Grey Zone
I’m sitting in a backwater. I little eddy that’s calm and quiet. Nothing is happening for me. I’m aware of it and contemplating how much I care. My options are to stay here in this comfortable place or to venture out until the current grabs me, taking me with the…
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The Family Mobile
A family is like a decorative hanging mobile. Each one has basic similarities in purpose or intent and yet they are all very different. If one piece moves the whole arrangement compensates by swaying and moving as well. It can’t help but being that way as each piece doesn’t function…
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Rapport Building Using Predicates
I have something to share with you. I hope you can see it for yourself. Hear what I have to say. Get a feel for it. For those of you who think that this smells fishy I know it will leave a sweet taste in your mouth. What I want…
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How To Train Your Wife!
Some men can be married for 38 years, and counting, and still not be wise on how to train their wife. It’s something worth doing however. Not only is it romantic and adventurous to train your wife it’s also a lot of fun! It must be said, however, that if…
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Dog Training - Start With The Kids!
Our first dog was trained and doted on. She won awards as testament to her behaviour. She was three when our first child was born and they both grew older together. As ‘Inu’ aged we decided a new puppy was in order for our children to enjoy. We had no…
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This Alpha Bitch Owns The Gate!
There I stood at the gate. Silent. Still. I gazed into the distance; feeling the breeze and enjoying the wispy clouds of a blue-skied day. At my feet, in stark contrast, was my juvenile dog, Simba. Simba was excited. Eager. Anxious for me to open the gate so that she…
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Membership Now Open: The Princess Club!
I’m seriously thinking of starting a group called “The Princess Club”. Membership is for people like myself who know we “should” exercise and know we “could” exercise but know we’re not “likely” to any time in the next 50 years. The purpose of the club is to assuage the guilt…
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The Freeway To Internet Success
Life can be like flying down a four-lane freeway at 110 km/h. The journey can be mundane and yet has its inherent variations and even dangers. It takes me an hour and ten minutes to reach my daughter’s dyslexia treatment. Driving trance kicks in and my musings turn to where…
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Values! What's Important To You?
We all know what it is to give something value or to hold it valuable to ourselves. With something of value we care for it and protect it. This value is not necessarily monetary and is highly subjective to the individual. With this is mind it’s easy to understand how…
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