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Hey there all you finger-frenzy-literary captivators and creators! My name is Heather and I am new to StreetArticles, however, have been writing for pleasure and for pain (attributed to two separate BS degrees) for many years. I am a critical care nurse in a busy intensive care unit, was an active paramedic for 14 years, and have had years of management experience in the pre-hospital arena.

An unfortunate incident involving a stone driveway and nursing clogs, left me reeling for things to do during my days home alone. It also gave me time to reconsider many things in my life from my short term goals of getting back on my feet again to finding ways to motivate and help people that would become a lucrative business in the long run. I've developed some lofty goals and have decided that NOW is the time to take action....no one else is going to achieve them for me.

I have created CelebrateRealWomen.com and am still working on this exciting and rewarding project. CelebrateRealWomen.com is a website for women...a place where a woman can go to find beauty and fashion (for the real sized woman) reviews and tips, personal finance tips, healthy living suggestions, a place where you can meet other women and a way for you to say what you are grateful for. I want women to embrace their bodies, enrich their spirits, and live a fulfilling life.

I love training horses, changing seasons, holding muscle-cramping yoga poses, helping people, playing piano and learning guitar, spending every second I can with my FANTASTIC husband, cooking and eating.

I look forward to contributing my two (or three) cents to this site and welcome feedback. Happy typing everyone!


Women Hug Your Curves!
As a woman who holds proud ownership of her curves and realizes that she will never, no matter how much she uses her inversion machine or starves herself will ever be 6 ft tall and 102 lbs. Not this chick. I love food. I am short. I love fashion. And…
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The Endangered Art Of Communication
Technological advances have given us many resources that enable us to contact other people very efficiently. However, with all of this technology, one art has fallen by the wayside and is probably on the verge of extinction. The endangered art is communication. Well, you say, that won’t happen with all…
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Your Self-esteem Is Not Mine
How you feel about yourself, your overall assessment of your qualities as well as the areas that you feel need improvement make up your self-esteem. Psychological theories believe that your psychological well being is dependent upon assessment of your self worth. Beliefs and emotions as well as outside influence from…
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