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My name is Heather and I am 21 years old. I live in San Diego, California and I am studying internet marketing at the moment. I would like to go to Wealthy Affiliate University to learn more about all this because I find it pretty fascinating. I think it would be anyone's dream to spend all the time they wanted with their loved ones and feel secure with bills and all. This economy is starting to crush a lot of my generation's hopes and dreams because we can't afford to do anything with our lives.. It's really depressing. I went to enroll in a private college here for an X-Ray Technician program and it would have cost me about 14k. I'm not sure about anyone else, but my family definitely couldn't afford that. They couldn't co-sign for my financial aid because of their financial situation and I couldn't get it on my own because of my age group (I'm considered dependent I guess)and I have no credit. (Not to mention I'm unmarried, have no children, and have no special sauce in me, I'm just white.)My love offered to co-sign, but HIS credit is messed up too. How do they expect us to "Live the American Dream" when we can't even go to school. I lost my job at a grocery store about 6 months ago because of my car breaking down on me (It was about an hour drive away) and the job hunt is just unbelievable. So here I am......Ranting and trying to find a different way :)Thinking about moving to another country lol!... If I can help anyone that's hurting just a little bit, it would mean alot. Thanks for stopping by!

Realistic Weight Loss - No Nonsense
If you're trying to lose weight or just starting to think about it, we all know it's a long, tough road ahead. With all the commercials, pills, workout videos and machines that are thrown at us all day.. no wonder we're all running around like a bunch of mad...dare I…
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