Hiba Rizvi (Street Articles Author)

Born in London UK, primary schooling Pakistan and U.A.E. Earned a grant scholarship to a top 20 Liberal Arts College in Massachusetts. Married and moved to Mississauga (Churchill Meadows) in 2005. After travelling and living across the globe I can earnestly say this is the place to BE! I am blessed with two beautiful daughters Kinza and Aaniya and a doting husband Ahmed.

Top Three Tips When Buying A House
Buying a home is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.Whether you're a first time home-buyer or a veteran there's always something new that creeps up. The best advise as an experienced Realtor, that I can give you is, be PREPARED. I cannot emphasize the importance of making sure you…
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Why Should You Use A Real Estate Agent
Do you really need a real estate agent? In today's time when you see many For Sale by Owner and mere postings sprouting up it is but natural for one to ask 'Do we need to hire a Realtor?'. Here are some reasons to consider why a real estate agent…
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