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Shield Crocodile
If you’re curious about the recent discovery about the Shield Crocodile, you should know this is an exciting new breakthrough for further studying the crocodile species. This was discovered in Morocco and placed in the Royal Ontario Museum of Toronto 4 years previous to Casey Holliday’s, University of Missouri assistant,…
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When Will Google Plus Be Available to Teenagers?
If you’re somebody who’s been trying to figure out the question - when will google plus be available to teenagers, it’s already happened. As of 1/26/2012, Google has officially created a Google + social community built for teenagers. If you are a mom, dad, or somebody who knows many teenagers…
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Joe Paterno Died
If you haven’t heard the news yet – Joe Paterno died recently at the age of 85 due to serious complications from lung cancer treatment. His family announced this Sunday morning on January 22nd, 2012. The sad part of how Joe Paterno died was how he was recently convicted of…
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Megavideo Shut Down
If you haven’t heard the news yet - a full Megavideo shut down happened earlier this week along with all the other mega sites due to online piracy, only 1 day after the congressional meeting over SOPA. Just 1 day after SOPA, apparently the Feds finally cracked down on piracy…
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How to Make An Attractive Street Articles Profile
Hi Street Article members. I would like to give some advice on making an attractive Street Articles profile. This includes learning how to color words, using features such as bold and italics, and more importantly using the h ref tag affectively. Coloring Words Using either your own site or a…
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Happy 22nd Birthday Whitney Tankersley
Hi Whitney. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday in a special way since you are a very special person. There are many birthdays that we will have but every birthday is to be celebrated with much love and care for one another. I hope you like what…
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My Shining Light
In my darkness, my eyes are closed to everything around me. Everywhere I turn, I see just a figment of mine imagination. Everywhere I listen, I hear evil whispers about me telling of devious things. My heart feels like a wretched rock among a river tainted with slimy moss like…
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