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My name is Holly Marie and I worked at an animal shelter for a number of years. During that time I learned allot and, as I love to write, decided to share with others what I have learned. If you enjoy reading my articles please take a moment to look at my website listed to the right.

Cats In Your Shelter
Lets take the focus off dogs for a bit, (which is what most of my articles have been about) and focus on cats. What is proper animal shelter etiquette for cats? First off, when cats are brought into an animal shelter, they are first scanned for a microchip, and then…
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Pit Bulls In Your Shelter
Pit Bulls, (and others in the Bully category) many people fear them, others like to create fear by owning them, and far too few love them. Its hard to describe this breed in any absolutes, like any breed it depends on genetics, how they're treated, diet, and other factors. So…
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Shock Collars: Do You Need One?
It seems like everyone has an opinion about shock collars: Do they work, are they humane, is it counter-productive etc... What people should really be asking themselves when it comes to these collars is can I myself use these effectively? Shock collars are a tool, if you cant use it…
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Animal Shelter Etiquette: Toys
Every animal shelter needs toys, especially at the rate the dogs go through them. There's huge variety of toys out there, and the shelter will undoubtedly be happy with whatever you can bring them. Stuffed Toys Dogs love stuffed toys, but if you give one to a dog, please go…
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Shy Shelter Dogs: Step 2
So now you've read step one on shy shelter dogs, I hope. If not, go on back and read it on my profile. Okay, now that you've read step one, you are ready for the second step. Contact. Things to remember: Stay calm (yeah, I'm like a broken record/cd) No…
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Animal Shelter Etiquette 101
In this article, Animal Shelter Etiquette 101, we will be talking about proper leash protocol. Undoubtedly if you have volunteered at an animal shelter you went through an orientation where the volunteer coordinator walked you through the kennels, and demonstrated how to take a dog out. What you need to…
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Shy Shelter Dogs: Step 1
If you have ever volunteered at an animal shelter, undoubtedly you've seen dogs who walk to the back of their kennel when they see you coming and bark or growl at you. Our hearts go out to these dogs and we just want to help them. Here are some tips…
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Intro to Animal Shelter Etiquette
What this article is for, is to help educate people on animal shelter etiquette. Working at an Animal Shelter opened my eyes to just how many people don’t understand, or take the time to understand our canine companions God gave us. That’s where fear comes in, if you don’t understand…
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